Joyjeet Das Memorial School

We believe in education of children as a better future for  India

This small school is in the Tollyngung ‘slum’ of Calcutta. Back in August of 2009, the school was facing financial difficulties and was under threat of closure. If this had happened, 312 children, between 2 and 16 year old, would have found themselves back in the streets and without a decent attempt to a future…
Since then on, Amavida and Schools of the World (Kolkata), started to work together to avoid the closure and kept on providing a life opportunity to these many children. In spite of the low cost of public education in Kolkata, the families of our children cannot afford it at all.

At present, 420 children between 2 and 16 years of age attend our school

Joyjeet We provide schooling for children from 5 years of age onwards, funding every cost of lessons, material, clothing and food. Amavida’s main targets are primarily to remove the students from the inherent dangers of the streets, provide meaningful education (ensuring their future) appropriate nutrition (70% of the children do not have access to at least one meal a day) and sanitary care.
Additionally, there is support for their families and the community, since we believe it does not make any sense to help the child if we don’t help the whole family. Growing consciousness in the community, especially among women, is very important as they are the greatest influence on their children, able to instil the concept of the possibility of change within their country.





Daily meal servings