Food Program

A daily mail for our children and people in need

It is useless to give an education to a child suffering from malnutrition. Most of these kids do not even have access to one meal a day. In Joyjeet Das Memorial School will provide a daily meal, complete and nutritious based on the principles of ovo-vegetarian-dairy (food that includes eggs and dairy, plus all the vegetables and soy in all its varieties).
To prepare the diet of our young pupils, we went to an Indian doctor and follow his advice and diet so that our children do not lack any essential nutrients for their physical and intellectual development.

Every day, at 19.30, we offer a meal at the door of the school

But in addition to children also detect other cases in the slum, of people who did not have access to a daily meal. They are also direct beneficiaries of our Food Program. Every day at 19:30 pm, the door of the schoolhouse becomes a hive of people waiting for the well deserved meal that it is worthy every single day.
In addition, we teach parents the importance of good nutrition for the child’s overall development. We place special emphasis on children who have a particular disease, as the case of 2 children with HIV, providing the vitamin and extra protein they need.
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