Our core values: Love, Respect, Commitment y Transparency

Amavida is an NGO based in India, in Calcutta, capital city of West Bengal

NGO registered in Spain: Registro Nacional de Asociaciones, Grupo 1, Sección 1, Nº 593921 CIF: G85814770


In Amavida, those with strong solidarity values gather to work together with those who believe that even the smallest of actions can move and change the world.

Our mission

To improve the life of those most in need and affected by poor living standards: women and children.

Present and future

We believe women are India’s present and is by their hands that the future of the country is educated.

India is a country with two faces where

330 million people live below the poverty line

India, a country of more than 1.2 billion of people that, together with China, account for 40% of the world’s population. Unfortunately, it also represents a large part of the poorest in the world. India is a country with 2 faces: the rich and the poor clearly separated. The differences and contrasts between the two are very tangible in India. Those with means, have access to education, college and business. Those without means, live anchored in the Middle Ages, a life characterised by subsistence economy, a very high birth rate and inefficient agricultural practices.
  • 33% habitantes bajo umbral pobreza

  • total

  • 25% analfabetismo

  • total

Not to be forgotten are some social nuances, deep rooted in Indian tradition, like under-age arranged marriages; the caste system and the widespread malnourishment of children. The sad truth is that in India, 330 million of people live under the poverty line, more than 2.5million people are unable to read or write (a worse statistic than in Sub Saharan Africa) and a third of young people under 16 are engaged in child labour.

Let’s create a solidarity chain to make a better world 

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