Your company may cooperate with an NGO as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility

Identify your brand with social values: Accountability, Cooperation, Solidarity and Trust

Companies today have a vital role in regard to its Corporate Social Responsibility and its close cooperation with NGOs. The benefits are mutual. Companies help us financially to develop various projects that will help hundreds of people, and that would be very difficult to accomplish without your support. In turn, the company identifies its brand with strong social values, gaining a competitive advantage and corporate reputation.
In short, an effective partnership that can generate a lot of value which shows that a better world is possible. Those employees involved in a solidarity project also happen to be highly motivated. The company’s name and logo will always be shown, both in India and Spain, and in our website. Not to mention that certain tax benefits can be derived from the cooperation with an NGO. You may find further information here:

Donations can be made to the following account number:

From Spain: Barclays 0065 0024 06 0001108330

From abroad: IBAN_ES98 0065 0024 0600 01108330

Thank you everyone for making this dream come true!

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